For a long time basketball games have been very popular, and it’s safe to say that women’s basketball is on the rise, as there is a lot of news about it at So what are the differences between women’s and men’s competition? If you’re a basketball fan, you probably watch the FIBA World Championships, the NBA Finals or the WNBA regularly. Consequently, you know that the rules of each association are different, some of them quite significantly.

For example, the size of the fields differs. Currently, the NBA and WNBA fields are larger than FIBA fields by a hundredth of a meter; they are 28.65 meters long and 15.24 meters wide. So, is it really better to play on a bigger field? It’s hard to say, because the difference between the two is minimal. As for the women’s basketball court, the women use a three-point line at 6.75 meters, while FIBA reduces it to 6.32 meters.

There is also a significant difference in the length of the games. Take the men’s competition. Unlike the NBA, a FIBA basketball quarterfinal game lasts 10 minutes, not 12 minutes. So that means NBA games last 8 minutes longer. As for women’s basketball games, the teams play two halves of 20 minutes each.

There is also a difference in fouls: In the NBA and WNBA, players are sent to the locker room after the fifth foul or after committing a second technical foul. In the FIBA, such a player is taken off after four fouls. 

Another noticeable difference between the rules applies to timeouts. In a FIBA game only the coaches during the game can request one. In the NBA and WNBA you can request a timeout during the game and make changes to the team’s action plan during that time. In addition, five timeouts are allowed in FIBA and six timeouts are allowed in the WNBA and NBA.

Wrestling News

The debate over whether wrestling is a sport or still a colorful show continues unabated. If we consider it as a sport, it is not unreasonable to familiarize ourselves with its basic concepts and rules, including on the website

First of all, wrestling is a combat sport. There are three main disciplines: freestyle, Greco-Roman and women’s. The goal of wrestling is to knock your opponent down and put his back and both shoulders to the ground.

Wrestling contributes to the all-round development of the people who do it. First, it allows you to discipline and develop your personality, as you develop control over your aggression. The obligation to put your opponent on the ground can be seen by many as violence. But these are non-aggressive masterful fighting techniques, because wrestling is not a violent and dangerous competition. Nevertheless, a wrestler needs to control his emotions and reaction to his opponent’s actions in order to stand up to him and win the fight. Secondly, wrestling physically develops the body. All parts of the body are involved in the fight, especially when it comes to defending and repelling the opponent’s attacks.

However, wrestling requires rigorous physical training. It can be learned, although it requires effort and constant training. At this point, this kind of competition has become popular all over the world. So if you want to find current news, you should use the most popular resources.