Most players prefer American, European or French variations of roulette. In many online casinos you can find another variant of the popular entertainment – mini roulette. Its main difference is a significant reduction in the number of numbers. If in the classical version there are numbers from 1 to 36, in miniature roulette variant there are only 13 sectors, including the usual Zero. This innovation greatly enhances the casino’s advantage. That is why many experienced gamblers dislike mini roulette. If you want to have access to the best casinos with different games, you should explore

What bets are allowed in mini roulette?

Most of the betting options used in traditional roulette are available here as well, but the odds differ significantly. Betting on any of the sectors pays 11 to 1. Split bets have a payout ratio of 5 to 1. Straight bets can pay out 3 to 1. If you make a corner bet on four numbers that are adjacent to each other or a bet on four numbers that are in the same column, your luck will bring a payout of 2 to 1. In this type of roulette acceptable bet closing six sectors, that is immediately half of the field. It is paid at a rate of 1 to 1. Allowed betting on groups of sectors from 1 to 6, 7 to 12 and 4 to 9.

Casino advantage over the mini roulette version

This parameter in mini roulette is largely identical to that of European roulette. This is not surprising, as both involve a single sector Zero. In European Roulette the casino advantage is calculated by the formula – 1x(36:37)+35x(1:37)= – 0.0270, which is 2.70%. For roulette mini-roulette true formula – 1x(12:13)+11x(1:13)= – 0.0769. The above calculations clearly prove that playing the classical European version of roulette is much more profitable. The experiments with its miniature version prefer only those players who value risk and adrenaline the most. Are you one of them? Then find mini roulette at one of the online casinos and try your luck.

How does a roulette calculator work?

Many people think that earning on roulette is simply impossible. There is no sure way to get rich in this game, and the result depends solely on the goodwill of luck. Is such an opinion fair? So pessimistic are those players who do not have sufficient knowledge and experience and who have already lost a certain amount of money at roulette. If luck is the only rule of the game, then why are there so many strategies and tactics employed by roulette fans? They are invented not only by amateurs, but also by professional scientists dealing with mathematics. In addition, there are special programs that greatly facilitate the application of strategies. One of them is Roulette Calculator.

Features and benefits of using Roulette Calculator

Roulette Calculator includes many of the strategies that roulette players use. The program is based on mathematical rules and is arranged quite simply. Calculator will help all those who have decided to try their luck in a virtual casino. If the roulette to sit down without any strategy, then failure is almost guaranteed. If you want to ensure a stable winning, then use the calculator.

Play, using any strategy, it is quite difficult, because it requires the utmost concentration and concentration. Many people lack experience, and they quickly lose focus, losing a lot of money as a result. The calculator will make the necessary calculations, which greatly facilitate the player’s task. You can find a lot of interesting games at the royal vegas flash casino, has more information.