Counter-Strike is a truly iconic first-person shooter. Leaving behind a miserable tear of nostalgia, experienced gamers will remember spending all their free time in computer clubs almost 20 years ago, and the most popular scream there was “Let’s go to Dust, I created it!”In those days, Counter-Strike was just a modification for the revolutionary Half-Life, but this did not prevent the “shooter about the Special Forces and terrorists” from lightning up the hearts of players around the world. You can also explore some options here

Surprisingly, today’s Global Offensive is not so much different from its ancestor – even those who last launched CS in 1999, will immediately feel at home here.Of course, since then there have been many reissues, branches like Condition Zero and even versions for consoles and slot machines, but the backbone of the gameplay, most of the weapons and even maps have migrated to GO exactly from the first version of the game.

And all because Min “Gooseman” Lee and Jess “Cliffe” Cliff created such a clear but deep game that even 17 years later, finalized and transferred to the Source engine, it remains one of the most popular network eSports shooters in the world. After all, if you believe the official figures Valve, then at any given time on average at the same time in CS:GO constantly playing about 500 thousand people, and a month it runs more than 10 million people! Not to mention a huge number of different championships, both local and world level.

So, if you are looking for a great eSports network shooter with a huge community of fans, which is constantly developing and attracting new audiences, you can safely stop at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – the game has passed the test of time and is unlikely to lose its popularity in the coming years.

What is CS:GO?

Since the time of the original, the game has a lot of new modes for every taste, from the usual ones to those that have little in common with the team game.  However, the main and the most important remains “Competitive” – this is the mode where all the cybersports championships are held.

Players are divided into two teams of five people in each – terrorists and counter terrorists. The parties differ in the tasks assigned to them and some variations of the available weapons.For example, the terrorists’ main assault rifle is the AK-47, while commandos use the American M4A1.

Every match in CS:GO is divided into rounds, and the death in them is final – if you are wounded or killed, you will not be able to heal or resurrect before the next match. Wins the round so the team that will either destroy all opponents, or perform the task for their side. Thus, the terrorists must plant a bomb in one of the two specially designated zones – there are always two of them on the map. The explosive device is given to a random player at the beginning of each round (if he dies, the bomb can be picked up by teammates) and detonates 40 seconds after installation. The task of counter-terrorists in this case is to defuse the bomb. And it is not uncommon for the whole team of terrorists to be killed, but the bomb explodes anyway – then the bandits also get the victory.

However, when planting a bomb, one should keep in mind the risk – if the commandos can disarm it in time, they will win in a round, and it does not matter how many opponents are still alive on the battlefield. Standard clearance takes 10 seconds, so they need to get to the bomb no later than 30 seconds after its installation. That’s why at the beginning of the round it’s highly recommended to buy special demining tools, which allow to reduce the time of defusing by half. You can get more information at