Visa Gift Cards are cards with U.S. billing for buying goods and paying for services in the U.S. You buy a gift card to use at one of the online stores. Since the cards are not named, you can use them yourself or give them as gifts. This is a great solution, because with such a card you will be able to buy any goods in different stores. So that the person himself will be able to choose what he needs most. If you want to buy such a card, then you need to use the services of a trusted merchant. For example, you can find such a card on the site There are many different options, which can be interesting and help you to treat the issue rationally.

What kind of cards are there?

  • Bank cards: non-personalized Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress. They can be used to pay not only in any online store in the U.S., but anywhere in general: in a restaurant, offline store, etc. It can be very convenient, for example, if you send your child on excursions: give the card with the necessary face value and you can be sure that he will not spend more than necessary.
  • Gift cards: these are cash certificates from a particular store that can be used to pay for purchases.  If a company has several brands in the U.S., a single gift card works in such cases. Most of the cards are very nicely packaged and after use are collector’s items – that is, even an empty Gift Card exclusive series can be sold on ebay, for example.

Important note: these cards are not refillable! That means you can use the card as long as the balance is more than $0. But as soon as the money runs out, you’ll have to buy a new card.

How do I use Gift Card?

  • Because the cards were issued in the USA they are valid only here. They cannot be used in other countries.
  • The rest of the money on the card cannot be withdrawn in cash or transferred to another card.
  • on the other hand, if you want to buy something worth $500, but you only have $300 left on your card, you can either add the missing amount to another gift card, or pay it off via wire transfer.
  • the card doesn’t have to be used all at once: if you have a $200 card, you can use it to make one $50 purchase, then a second $100, and use the balance to make another $50 purchase.
  • If you’ve lost your card or it’s stolen, you can’t replace it. Also, purchased cards cannot be returned and you cannot get your money back.

How else can I use gift cards?

If you do not know what to get or have already chosen a present, but are not sure if it is appropriate, or are afraid of getting the wrong size. In such cases, a store gift card is a good choice. You buy a card and then present it as a gift. The cards are usually beautifully designed and packaged in boxes, cases, and boxes – depending on the denomination. As soon as the money runs out, the Gift Card turns into a keepsake, many of them are collectible with a certain commercial value even after the balance is zeroed. Take, for example, Abercrombie & Fitch, or HollisterCo- the specificity of the business is such that attention is paid to even the smallest details. Or Barneys-most of the cards have their own luxurious design, and the Lady Gaga series cards are valuable in their own right-they can easily be sold after the balance is spent.

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