In late April, PC and Xbox One (and a month earlier – on PS4) released a remaster of the campaign Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Why only the campaign, without a multiplayer, Activision does not say – perhaps this is due to the fact that the company did not want to create actual and highly successful Modern Warfare 2019 (where, by the way, from time to time add cards including the original MW and MW2). There are other questions – whether the Modern Warfare 2 single needed an updated version and as a 2009 shooter, which in the memory of fans still remains one of the best in the series, is felt in 2020. You can already buy an account here.

Perfect sequel

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is that very “perfect sequel”, a rare phenomenon like “Aliens” and the second “Terminator”. In addition, it is the first CoD, which continued the plot of the previous part – before the games in the series did not connect the plot. And it is also the first CoD, where there was a gameplay episode in space – the one where players were shown the explosion of a nuclear missile over the eastern coast of the United States. Besides, it was with Modern Warfare 2 that the phrase “the main shooter attraction” was finally fixed behind the Call of Duty series – so many crazy situations and bright missions (Russia’s attack on the United States, the Capitol fired, the storming of an oil rig, first-person burning) could hardly be found anywhere else.

After Modern Warfare 2, the creators of different Call of Duty, except perhaps only WWII, which returned the series “to the roots”, increased the scale of what was happening and set new levels of madness, transferring all events first to the near future, then – in the remote, and then – in space. There was a chance that the attraction of 2009 on the background of subsequent games has ceased to stand out, but with the game everything turned out to be much better. In the end, it is not so easy for many people to put it above the other parts of CoD – there are reasons that do not depend on time.

But it clearly depends on time, how the 2009 game looks in 2020. If you think that the authors of the remaster have changed almost nothing in the appearance of Modern Warfare 2, just look at the comparison – and you will immediately realize that memory is cheating you. Even if you don’t take into account higher quality textures, updated post-processing effects and a lot of additional details on locations, character clothing, etc., there will remain updated animations and re-recorded sound, as well as new scenes.

The textures are simple – the Modern Warfare 2 remastered looks modern thanks to them, and weapons can be easily compared to the Modern Warfare 2019 guns. The animation is a little more complicated – it’s easy not to pay attention to them, but with the same weapon characters are now treated differently, again, closer to what happened in MW 2019. Well, and look at how the winter jacket blows wind. The sound, despite the update, is still infinitely far from the sound of modern Call of Duty, although “bang” seems to have become brighter. A lot of nuances that you can not notice, but if you put next to the original and remaster, it turns out that the authors of the latter have done a great job and significantly modernized the game.

Its main drawback is the fact that with it Beenox studio did not modernize the multiplayer. When you play the story campaign, any Call of Duty (except Black Ops 4, of course), all the time you think about how with the same guns will humiliate newcomers in the network mode. But if you like fighting games, you can find an interesting solution on that website.