The drug was created and manufactured by Searl. It quickly became very popular, but twenty years later it was discontinued. It is now being produced again by other companies under various names.

If you use the drug in acceptable dosages, then it does not pose a danger to the body. This is not surprising, since Anavar has been used to treat children for a long time. Very quickly, the steroid found application in sports.

Useful properties of Anavar

Anavar is most popular with representatives of power disciplines. This is due to its ability to significantly increase strength indicators.

The mechanism of such an effect on the body is associated with the activation of the synthesis of creatine phosphate in the muscle tissues in the complete absence of fluid accumulation. This is actively used by athletes who cannot move to higher weight categories.

Note that when using Anavar solo, it is impossible to achieve a significant increase in muscle mass, but the steroid has the ability to enhance the effectiveness of other AAS.

Very good results can be achieved when using the drug in combination with Nandrolone, all male hormone esters and Danabol. As a result, athletes have a significant increase in strength, as well as accelerate the growth of muscle tissue. You can buy Anavar from this link

Also a very valuable property of Anavar is the complete absence of the ability to flavor. Many athletes know that testosterone in a certain amount is converted into female hormones, and the speed of this process directly depends on the predisposition of athletes.

When using Oxandrolone, only high-quality mass can be gained and for this reason it is often used at the final stage of preparation for the competition. During this time, athletes must maintain a low level of estradiol concentration and Anavar contributes to this.

If you follow an appropriate nutritional program when using Oxandrolone, you can give the muscles additional firmness and elasticity. Anavar does not directly affect the rate of lipolysis, but at the same time plays an indirect role due to its ability to reduce appetite.

Due to the lack of the ability to aromatize, Oxandrolone does not cause an increase in blood pressure, which is characteristic of most other AAS. If an athlete has problems with blood pressure, then Anavar in combination with Nandrolone will be the best option for him.

It is also important to emphasize the inability of the steroid to inhibit the secretion of the male hormone in the body. This will not happen even when using prohibitive dosages, which, of course, should not be done in any case. This is due to the fact that Oxandrolone cannot act on the pituitary-hypothalamus-testicle arch. This is typical of most AAS, but not Anavar.

The use of Anavar in bodybuilding

We have already slightly touched on the topic of steroid use above and now it is necessary to pay more attention to this. It has also already been said about the ability of the drug to enhance the effectiveness of other AAS.

So, for example, a very good result can be obtained using the combined cycle of Anavar (25 milligrams daily), Nandrolone Decanoate (200 milligrams weekly) and Testosterone Enanthate (500 milligrams per week).

This is a powerful anabolic course that can bring the athlete a large amount of muscle mass. As you know, Nandrolone enhances the synthesis of protein structures, Testosterone shortens the recovery time of the body, and Oxandrolone gives a large increase in strength. All these effects in combination and lead to a rapid set of muscle mass.

Anavar cycles

For the drying cycle, athletes often use a combination of Clenbuterol and Anavar. Also, to solve this problem, as well as a set of high-quality muscle mass, you can use ligaments of Oxandrolone with Parabolan, Winstrol, Testosterone Propionate, Primobolan and Masteron. The following course can be very effective:

  • Oxandrolone – 25 milligrams daily
  • Testosterone Propionate – 50 milligrams every third day;
  • Winstrol – 50 milligrams every other day.

For a significant increase in power indicators, it can be used in conjunction with Anavar Andriol. With a daily intake of 25 milligrams of Anavar and 280 milligrams of Andriol, you can achieve tangible progress. Also, this bundle can be used by novice athletes without retention of a large amount of fluid and with a complete lack of effect on the rate of synthesis of the male hormone.

Anavar solo course

You can use anabolic and solo. In this case, for men, the daily recommended dose is 8 to 12 tablets. Girls should take anavar in smaller quantities, namely, from 5 to 6 tablets. Each athlete can independently determine the dosage of Oxandrolone required for him. For each kilogram of body weight, 0.25 milligrams of the drug should be taken.

Anabolic should be consumed after eating 2 to 3 times during the day. This will allow the body to absorb the active ingredient of the drug as quickly and efficiently as possible. Oxandrolone is practically free of side effects even at high dosages. This allows you to take it for a long time without fear for your own health.


However, it is worth remembering that the steroid is alkylated during production and for this reason it is necessary to make grooves when using it. As you can see for yourself from all of the above, when used correctly, Anavar can solve various problems facing athletes. It is not for nothing that the drug is popular with many athletes, regardless of their training experience.